New student registration: Years 12-13


Qualifications or expected grades

List subjects and grades in whichever is the most current of GCSE mock exams, school reports or relevant qualifications.

School referee

Student statement

Include any information below that might support your application.

Preliminary subject choices

Select your top three preferred A level subjects, in the three field below.

Final choices will be made on 13 August 2021, after the GCSE results are published.

NOTE: The school's intention is accommodate all your subject choices, but the final combination of subjects does depend on the logistics of timetabling and minimum participant requirements.

Parents/ guardians



1. I am aware of the school policy on the payment of fees and I agree to pay my son’s schools fees by Direct Debit in full on or before the first day of each term.
2. I agree to give a full term’s notice of any intention to withdraw my son from Victoria College and understand that failure to do so will make me liable for payment for the full fees for the following term.
3. I accept that unless there are exceptional circumstances (which should be notified to the Headmaster as soon as possible) he will not be taken out of school for family holidays.
4. I agree to work in partnership with Victoria College in every way to ensure that he abides by the standards and expectations set for all boys.
5. I accept the right of Victoria College to recommend the withdrawal of my son from the Sixth Form at any time if his standards of behaviour or academic work do not meet the required standard.
6. I have the permission of the student and the other parent/ guardian to submit this form, which is accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge.

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