Elevate Education Focus on Revision Strategies with Year 11 and 13

This week Elevate Education returned to Victoria College to share their wisdom of revision skills with students and parents. Founded in 2001, Elevate has become an award-winning, global provider of study skills programs. Working with over half a million students across the US, the UK, Australia, South Africa, and Singapore, Elevate has developed a proven track record of engaging students, fostering critical thinking skills, and improving student outcomes through an integrated process.

Through conducting more than 2000 interviews with students across the spectrum of academic results, the research identified that there are 17 areas where the techniques of the top students differ from average and lower performing students. On-going research for the past 13 years has continued to benchmark the habits of top students. 

Elevates study skills seminars, presented by young, recently finished top university students, introduce students to these 17 'top students' skills, showing all students how they can replicate the techniques and strategies of the students getting the best marks each year.

The presentations provided our students with a clear focus and a number of strategies to use over the coming weeks. Parents also found their presentation extremely useful as they found the answer to the following questions:

  • How do I encourage my student(s) to motivate themselves, rather than having to nag them?
  • What do I say when I get the 'I have no homework' response?
  • How do the top students approach holiday work and study leave?
  • How can I help them to stay calm and balanced around exams?
  • What work should they be doing to get the most marks?
  • How do the top students approach things like Facebook, studying with music and balancing social lives?

Many thanks to Elevate Education and also to Mrs Roussel (Senior Teacher) for organising.