Bronze DofE Guernsey Expedition 2017

Thirty-four boys from Year 9 & 10 successfully completed their Bronze DofE Expedition in Guernsey. During this three day Expedition, the boys had to be completely self-reliant. This involved them carrying all their equipment and food whilst completing a 2 day hike. The boys had to cook their breakfast and dinner over a camping stove. They had to carefully think about what food would provide them with enough energy to get them through the weekend. All the boys involved also gained valuable skills of teamwork, with one DofE assessor quoting,"It is difficult to single out an individual; this was very much a team working together."The boys all proved that they had the strength and determination needed to overcome many challenges that an expedition of this length can present.  They pushed themselves and ensured they supported each other throughout the challenge."The expedition could have been used as a yard stick for others to be judged against." They should be proud of this achievement (DofE Assessor)."The boys should be very proud of their accomplishment and the work that they have put in so far to DofE. Well done to all those involved!